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Alzamiento es un talento biótico para Adepto y Vanguardia que permite al que lo utiliza crear un campo de efecto de masa que hace levitar a aquellos atrapados en él, dejándolos indefensos a ataques aliados. Se puede combinar un Alzamiento con un Lanzamiento o una Carga para enviar a los enemigos fuera del mapa, o con una Alteración para hacerlos explotar. Alzamiento también inflige un pequeño daño a los enemigos con protección respecto a ella.

Nota: Cuando este poder se lanza a través de Shepard, puede ejecutarse efectuando el pequeño desvío que permite que los ataques de Shepard lleguen a enemigos tras barricadas. Si se lanza directamente desde un compañero, el ataque saldrá en línea recta hacia el objetivo, chocando con barreras si las hubiere.

Rangos de talento Editar

  • Nivel 1
    • Recharge Time: 3.00 seconds (Shepard); 9.00 seconds (others)
    • Duration: 5.00 seconds
  • Nivel 2
    • Recharge Time: 3.00 seconds (Shepard); 9.00 seconds (others)
    • Duration: 7.00 seconds
  • Nivel 3
    • Recharge Time: 3.00 seconds (Shepard); 9.00 seconds (others)
    • Duration: 9.00 seconds

Nivel 4: Se elige evolucionar el nivel en uno de los siguientes:

Heavy Pull Editar

  • Your levitational abilities keeps your target suspended for longer.
    • Recharge Time: 3.00 seconds (Shepard); 9.00 seconds (others)
    • Duration: 12.00 seconds

Pull Field Editar

  • Affects all nearby targets, suspending entire groups in the air.
    • Recharge Time: 3.00 seconds (Shepard); 9.00 seconds (others)
    • Duration: 9.00 seconds
    • Impact Radius: 3.00 meters

Player Notes Editar

  • Objects hit by Pull fly towards the character using the power. If they hit any obstacle, they will stop. Unlike Throw, which gives additional damage when objects hit hard surfaces, Pull just lets the objects hang in the air behind that obstacle. When Pull is used this way, the target is drawn in the direction Pull struck them. In other words, if an enemy is crouching behind a barricade and Shepard aims Pull so it arcs over the barricade and touches the target on the head after curving almost straight down, the enemy will be pulled almost straight up, rather than directly towards Shepard. Some practice will let a player Pull enemies sideways or vertically, rather than directly towards Shepard.
  • On the other hand, if the objects are suspended high enough above ground, they will die instantly when they lose their Pull field and fall to the ground. There are several areas where you can use Pull to this effect.
  • Pull slightly damages enemies' shields or barriers. It will also briefly stun any enemy with such a protection.
  • Husks die instantly when lifted off the ground. Thus Pull is great against them, once they are unprotected. Since husks often rush you while crowded together, the pull field variant can be devastating. However, it is wise not to pull Abominations as they will fly towards the player and explode when killed, inflicting severe damage.
  • As Warp Ammo grants additional damage against objects affected by biotic fields (up to 100% depending on upgrade chosen), it is a great combo to Pull something and hit it while suspended mid-air with Warp Ammo.
  • Sometimes a pulled enemy will land behind you. Should they survive the fall, they may then attack you from behind.

Availability Editar

Mass Effect 3 Editar

Power Ranks Editar

Rank 1: Pull Editar

Yank an opponent helplessly off the ground.

  • Recharge Speed: 8 sec (4 multiplayer)
  • Duration: 4.40 sec (4 multiplayer)

Rank 2: Recharge Speed Editar

Increases recharge speed by 25%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 (3.20 multiplayer)

Rank 3: Duration Editar

Increase duration by 40%. (50% multiplayer)

  • Duration: 6 sec (6 multiplayer)

Rank 4: Duration/Radius Editar


Increase duration by 50%. (100% multiplayer)

  • Duration: 8 sec (10 multiplayer)


Increase impact radius by 2 meters. (2.5 multiplayer)

Rank 5: Lift Damage/Expose Editar

Lift Damage

Inflict 34 (75 multiplayer) damage per second to lifted targets.


Increase all damage to targets lifted by Pull by 25% (30% multiplayer).

Single Player Rank 6: Double Pull/Recharge Speed Editar

Double Pull

Launch two Pull projectiles to seek two targets instead of one.

Recharge Speed

Increase recharge speed by 60%.

  • Recharge Speed: 4.32 sec (2.16 multiplayer)

Multiplayer Rank 6: Duration & Combo/Recharge Speed Editar

Duration & Combo

Increase duration by 50%, and increase the force and damage of biotic detonations on affected targets by 75%.

  • Duration: 12 sec (duration), 8 sec (radius)

Recharge Speed

Increase recharge speed by 150%.

  • Recharge Speed: 1.45 sec

Player Notes Editar

  • The stated value for the Lift Damage evolution is affected by power damage bonuses; 20 (or 75 in multiplayer) is the base damage.
  • Pull is very useful when fighting Cerberus Guardians. Should the Pull hit the shield, the shield will be ripped from their hands and force them to stumble forward, leaving them immobile for a few seconds, and permanently defenseless. Hitting them from behind has the same effect as singularity, it will lift them, resulting in them permanently dropping their shields. This makes killing guardians a breeze in comparison. It negates the need for any of the other common tactics used to take down guardians. That being said, piercing tactics still have their uses.
  • Pull, like all biotics that travel, will arc towards the target enemy which is highlighted. Therefore, you can use it aiming slightly away from a target, affecting the trajectory of the resulting pull. The side of the enemy, on which it hits, will be the direction the enemy goes, with mild, glitchy results from the Radius Rank 4 evolution. This can be used to pull enemies without over-shields (Shields or Barriers) out of cover, when they hide for safety.
  • Pull has the fastest base recharge time of all Mass Effect 3 powers. Compared to Throw, Pull can be reduced to as little as 0.74 seconds of recharge time, 38% faster than its closest competitor at 1.21 seconds. This is due to its intentional limited-to-no damage, utility-focused use.
  • Pull is tied with moves like lifting Shockwave and Barrier's lift explosion, as the most ineffective biotic combo set-up move, seeing as it requires that the enemy not be protected by armor, shields, or barriers at the time of use.
  • While it may not lift armored or shielded enemies off their feet, it will often stun them briefly. Characters without more destructive options can use Pull to force better protected enemies to stumble, leaving them open for follow up shots. One can use this to run up to cover and trap enemies who try to run away in a stagger, allowing for a grab kill. On Gold Difficulty multiplayer, the Grab Kill will result in slightly more experience than if killed in other ways.
  • When using Double Pull on a shield wall, the wall will overload and electrocute anyone using it as cover.
  • Pull deals 100 damage (in multiplayer) when it hits an enemy.

Availability Editar

Trivia Editar

Las barreras no protegen contra ataques cuerpo a cuerpo ni frente a peligros amnbientales.

Rangos de talento Editar sección Editar

Nivel 1: Barrera
Nivel 2: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 10.5 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 420 puntos.
Nivel 3: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 11 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 440 puntos.
Nivel 4: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 11.5 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 460 puntos. Desbloquea Estasis(Adepto
Nivel 5: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 12 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 480 puntos. Desbloquea Estasis(Científica asari)
Nivel 6: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 12.5 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 500 puntos. Desbloquea Estasis(Centinela, Señor de la guerra krogan)
Nivel 7: Barrera avanzada
Nivel 8: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 17 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 720 puntos.
Nivel 9: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 17.5 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 740 puntos.
Nivel 10: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 18.5 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 760 puntos.
Nivel 11: Prolonga la duración de la Barrera a 18.5 segundos y aumenta el escudo a 780 puntos.
Nivel 12: Barrera excepcional

Barrera Editar sección Editar

Mejora los escudos con una barrera biótica para que absorban hasta 400 puntos de daño. No bloquea ataques que ignoren los escudos.
Duración:: 10s
Tiempo de recarga: 60s
Gasto de Puntería: 80%

Barrera avanzada Editar sección Editar

La barrera absorberá hasta 700 puntos de daño. Mejora el tiempo de recarga y la duración.
Duración:: 16.5s
Tiempo de recarga: 50s
Gasto de Puntería: 80%

Barrera excepcional Editar sección Editar

La barrera absorberá hasta 1000 puntos de daño. Mejora el tiempo de recarga y la duración.
Duración:: 23s
Tiempo de recarga: 40s
Gasto de Puntería: 80%

Clases de especialización Editar sección Editar

Los bastiones y las tropas de choque de vanguardias adquieren Especialización en Barrera en el nivel 9.

Nivel 9: Especialización en Barrera: Aumenta la fuerza y la duración de la Barrera en un 25%. Barrera regenera 40 puntos de escudo por segundo.

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